Breaking the waves-my take on it


Another gem from Lars Von trier. This is a movie about Love, Mental health, Obsession, Religion and much more.

The story is told in in 7 chapters and an epilogue depicting the life after Bess (Emily Watson) marries Jan, her love.

Bess- Is a small town girl, who believes in God too much and does chores at the church because she thinks that’s a good way to show her trust towards God. She is innocent as a child, has a history of mental illness, depression and bouts of anxiety due to her brothers untimely death, has a widowed sister, do-do, who is a nurse at the local hospital who loves Bess very much, and has a family who is bound to the rules of the local church. The church doesn’t allow the women to speak their opinions or POVs nor do they allow them to attend the funerals.

Jan- Is an outsider, works at a distant oil rig. Is so much fun to be with, has typical cool friends.

The story starts with Bess and Jan getting married. The aftermath of the wedding depicts their closeness, their love, the way they are obsessed with one another and can’t get enough of each other.

But then Jan has to go back to his work, and the goodbye is too hard especially for Bess. The life alone starts for both Bess and Jan. Jan sometimes calls Bess and they talk like all lovers do.

Bess wishes to God that Jan be back home soon. The way she mimics both God and herself is praise worthy, her voice, expressions, emotions are so distinct when she mimics.

And as if her wish should come true, Jan has an accident on his neck at the rig and is paralysed from the neck down and is bought home.

Jan is overwhelmed by Bess’s love for him, where she takes care of him and is always with him. Jan feels guilty about not even being able to make love to her and asks her to get a lover , sleep with him and then come back and tell him all about it, which she immediately and obviously denies.

But Jan tells her that that would make him happy and Kindle his want to live and not die. She decides to give it a shot though unwillingly.

Then there are several instances of sexual encounters, with an old man, with a rough guy at the bar, with two other men on a ship, where she despices the act but still does it for the sake of Jan and his life.

The last encounter goes rogue and she is hospitalised where she dies eventually and the irony is Jan surprisingly lives to see another day and many more days that follow.

Jan and his friends give Bess a proper funeral which the church wouldn’t have and the last thing we see is there are chimes and bells sounding from afar. (Bess always wanted bells on the church)

This is my fourth Lars Von Trier film, the others being #Melancholia #Dogville #Antichrist which are absolute gems too. Wanting to watch more of his work now.

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Its fiction for us. We have seen war in the movies, we have read about them, we dont live it each day everyday. But for few, war is where their home is!! We would definitely not be able to feel what they feel, because we simply are not there.

Wars, bombings, deaths, losses, its hard…

Cant there be peace?? world love, world peace?? is it so hard just to be human, without the selfishness and hatred n stuff?? All I can do is crib… What could be done to make the world a better place to live in?? Really lost.

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Tit Bits

Guru Explaining me: Mommy, mam called me and several others crows and some others parrots.

Me(a lil flabbergasted but realising he comes up with his own version of stories, calmly): Wat? Was it some sort of game or what??

Guru: Crows are unintelligent, parrots are intelligent, and maam called me a crow, am I unintelligent??

Me in a reassuring tone: Nope, you are intelligent, just that she doesn’t yet know you are one. This is your new school na, it will take the teachers a few more days to know you well and better.

Same story re repeats after his pa arrives.

Pa: Guru, you shudnt wait for someone to tell you if you are intelligent or otherwise, you sometimes have to just prove it.

Guru cutting him short : Appa, basavanna has told na, “Tanna bannisabeda”

Me and his pa: “…………..” No words, just open mouth, wide eyed and awestruck, then gave each other a high fi and applauded him. Conversations were in kannada as usual.

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Sometimes you surprise yourself

I was returning back from the weekly market when I saw Rama and Hanuma , I smiled myself and went to have sugarcane juice when Rama arrived at the same place. I abruptly ordered juice to them too.
They were kinda taken aback but did not deny the offer, we spoke momentarily, they were Janapada kalaavidaru and from a place called Koppala. I shook hands with them and requested if I can click a pic of them, and with permission I clicked them. Also got aashirwada.

Somehow the day was made.

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Small lil surprises

Happiness is,

When a long lost friend, the one who had hit the rock bottom comes back to you and you hear them, converse like you found them all over again, just like old times with all that weird sense of humour and that ease.

And the realisation that you were with that person when they hit the rock bottom and then you see them recover, it’s the best feeling ever. Like you did something right, something momentary but it was important to both the people involved. The day made.

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Big Big realisation. Never ever watch a movie when you are actually sleepy. The sleep makes you make the wrong judgement about the movie, you tend to think that the movie was so boring that it made you sleep off, lol.

This happened with “Her” movie, the first time I watched it, I fell asleep too soon and made the wrong judgement that it was a boring movie. And then somehow, I gave it a second shot today and voila, it is not bad at all, actually its too far from being called anything but bad, I now blame myself for my judgemental ability(Only movies).

The movie made me heavy hearted and there were so many questions popping in my head, is this how lonely and vulnerable we are that we would fall in love with an OS? But also that this love between a person and an OS is kind of platonic and not physical, so is it any purer? Or is it that we are so narcissistic to fall in love with someone physical and real ? Not that the OS is any less complicated but it actually knows you and feeds your ego kinda because it probably knows how your reaction would be. Wasn’t it selfish of Theodore to expect an OS to love him and only him?? Isn’t it selfish for anybody for that matter to expect someone to love them and only them?? Aint we humans much more complicated and complex??

I am left only with questions and more questions.
Watch it for the dialogues, and the beautiful voice of Scarlett Johansson and of course for the performance of Joaquin Phoenix and much loved Amy Adams.

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Peace, chaos

Sometimes, everything feels so mediocre, ordinary, so-so, boring and predictable, even people. That’s when she shuts herself down, she is sick of everything then, the loop of routines become engaging enough.

People tire her because of the obvious and the predictability, desperation is a big turn off.

Everything and everyone become so tiring and intimidating. That’s when the material things become more important and friendly. She knows, it’s insanely crazy, material things over people??? Really?? Oh yes, sometimes material things do provide more comfort and peace.

At times, people can be so hard to know or to talk to or to be with.

Mixed emotions actually, there is fear, hatred, love, anxiety, stress, the longing, the chaos, etc.

But, hopefully, Peace prevails.

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